Architectural Ventilation

Twenty years ago a compressor station might have merely been a pole barn or a shed covering the compressor packages. As the pipeline companies coverage continues to expand many of these compressor stations are being installed closer to residential and developed areas resulting in new regulations that not only include acoustical requirements but require compressor stations to adhere to architectural standards as well.

With the growth of the industry the governing bodies from FERC, to the cities and townships themselves, have become more stringent, demanding quieter and quieter facilities and that we design them to be more architecturally pleasing. A number of years ago IVS was approached by a customer installing numerous compressor stations in Illinois and Wisconsin.  These stations had to comply with a local architectural heritage review board as well the local historical society. Not only did the stations have to be highly acoustical they also had to have the appearance of weathered barns. IVS embraced the challenge  and presented a number of different design options with the client ultimately choosing what has now become our “Farmhouse” style of exhaust cupola. This is just one example of how Industrial Ventilation Systems evaluates each client’s application and project requirements individually to come up with the best possible solution.