Industrial Ventilation Systems

Industrial Ventilation Systems (IVS) can address all your ventilation needs no matter how harsh the environment. From critical service units in off shore drilling platforms, to heated air rotation units on the north slope of Alaska, our engineering, design and project management staff takes every element into consideration when designing a solution to meet your specific project requirements. We routinely provide our clients with full 3D modeling of their system to integrate with their project layouts to help foresee and preempt any conflicts or interferences. This service allows our clients to seamlessly integrate our systems with minimal effort.

We also specialize in systems designed to meet the stringent regulations applying to classified environments and keep facilities compliant with their desired area classifications. Whether you’re looking for a filtered, all stainless steel, fully ducted motor cooling system for a 15,000 HP electric motor or a fully automated, acoustically treated ventilation system to keep a specific interior temperature, Industrial Ventilation Systems will exceed your expectations. IVS does not follow industry trends. We set them with our quality focused team, skilled craftsmanship, and pride of ownership.