Ducted Cooling Systems

The use of large frame electric motors to drive compressor packages has grown substantially in recent years.  With this trend comes a new set of ventilation and acoustical design challenges. IVS has risen to the challenge by coupling our engineering / design staff with our industry leading manufacturing facility to provide turnkey solutions, including all necessary structural supports and 3D modeling to provide you with a truly seamless and hassle free project installation.

Our Benefits include:

  • Fully ducted dual inlet and single exhaust opening to the top of the motor enclosure.
  • Inline vane axial fan on the supply side to overcome duct system pressure losses.
  • Acoustical Treatment prevent interior noise from exceeding FERC regulations.
  • High Efficiency Filtration Systems.
  • Twist lock cartridge style filter housings.
  • Stainless construction for corrosive environments.

These electric motor driven systems also require a very high level of filtration in order to keep motors operating at peak efficiency and keep the internal windings clean and clear of debris.  With the adoption of our twist lock cartridge style filter houses, filter maintenance is a snap, and you’re assured to have the cleanest air possible feeding your motor.

From highly corrosive environments to installations in seismic zone 4, IVS has unequaled experience in solving ventilation, filtration, and acoustic problems for the gas pipeline industry.  Contact us today for more information.