Sound Attenuation

At Industrial Ventilation Systems, We specialize in designing acoustical solutions for your toughest ventilation projects. We perform full sound path analysis by analyzing the building package including the operating equipment inside the building and the impact our ventilation openings will have on the overall project. Our systems meet the ever changing FERC guidelines.

With over 20 years’ experience in designing ventilation systems for acoustically treated buildings, especially for the oil and gas transmission industry, no project is too difficult or complex. Our extensive sound attenuator lines are specially engineered, independent laboratory tested, and are ASTM E477 accredited. Buyer beware! We have tested other competitors units, and they had fallen short of the mark! IVS uses high quality materials, and does not cut corners with cheap, inferior fiber glass filled medias.

Even if your problems are with low frequency noise or a specific octave bands, we also specialize in the design, engineering and manufacturing of ultra-quiet fan systems with low noise propellers to address these tough, acoustically sensitive, projects.

Our low noise fan systems are so effective that we typically save our clients’ money by precluding the use of acoustical treatments to overcome fan noise. Many of our engineered acoustical solutions are specifically designed to be architecturally pleasing. In fact many of our clients never even know our systems have been acoustically treated when judging by physical appearances alone.