Signature Vibration Analysis

IVS has invested a great deal of time and effort in understanding the effects of vibration in a fan system. Vibration analysis can add incredible value to understanding how a system runs in its application. With this ability, IVS can provide signature analysis of each fan system we produce. The slightest variances in materials and components can affect the vibration of a unit which in turn can cause fatigue and ultimately lead to fan failure. Many variables are present when assembling rotating equipment. The only way to guarantee the units integrity is to dynamically test each unit.

Every fan produced at the IVS facility is tested for vibration in 3 planes, relative to the propeller shaft. Horizontal  Vertical and Axial measurement are taken after assembly of each unit. During this testing procedure, a time recording of the test run is logged and archived under the fans serial number. Along with the vibration analysis  our sophisticated analysis software is able to capture motor amp readings and various other data factors that can be evaluated and replayed at any time. IVS is currently in development of modal model evaluation, and acoustic intensity reporting.